The Episcopal Cathedral of the Epiphany
Anglican Communion

The Union Church of Santo Domingo

Fellowship Groups

Damas de la Epifanía

The women of Epiphany form a group that offers good company and opportunities for service to the congregation and community. Las Damas host congregational social events, like the luncheon that follows the Bishop´s annual visit. They hold two retreats annually, and throw a big party every three months to celebrate the birthdays that fall during that time. They visit the sick, call on neighbors, and do volunteer work at a psychiatric hospital and at the Bishop Isaac Home for the Elderly in Boca Chica. They support the Ovejitas de la Epifanía pre-school and the Lazarus’s Basket food program [link to Ministries to the Community page]. In addition, Las Damas actively participate in events and projects sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women on the diocesan level. For more information contact Matilde García Adams (809-685-0876).

Damas de la Epifania at the 2008
Diocesan Women's Convention
in Consuelo

Leaders of the Damas at one
of the planning sessions

Getting ready for the annual
Flea Market rummage sale

Jovenes Adolescentes

This youth group is very involved in activities on the diocesan level, which include two retreats annually, one in Advent and one in Lent, Viviencia (which is the youth version of Cursillo, see below), serving as companions for children with cancer, and sponsoring an annual conference for couples who are considering marriage or newly engaged. The youth of our congregation undertake fundraising projects to support their involvement in these activities, and they serve as volunteer helpers for various church events.


Members of our congregation who have attended Cursillo get together from time to time. Cursillo, whichliterally means “little course,” is a brief review of the basics of the Christian faith, taught in the context of a dynamic group that meets in a weekend retreat.  As a result of this powerful experience, commitment to Christ is renewed. When participants return from Cursillo weekends to their home congregations, they gather periodically to support one another in living the Christian life. For more information contact Estervina González at 809-372-2160 or 809-995-5389 (cell).

Alcoholics Anonymous

“AA” is an organization that offers structured support for recovering alcoholics. Their “12-stepmethod” is famous for its effectiveness in helping persons with drinking problems.  The Church offers its meeting space to two groups, one English-speaking and the other Spanish-speaking.

The South Shore Group (English) meets Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00 PM. For more information call Gabriel at 809-299-0961. (There is also a corresponding North Shore English-speaking group that meets in Sosua. For more information call John at 809-571-0619 or 809-307-0321.)

Nueva Esperanza, the Spanish-speaking group, meets Sundays at 5:00 PM. For more information call José at 809-605-8496 (cell) or 809-566-4770.