The Episcopal Cathedral of the Epiphany
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The Union Church of Santo Domingo

Ministries to the Community

Ovejitas de la Epifanía

In 2007 Church the Epiphany/Union Church of Santo Domingo opened Ovejitas de la Epifanía, a learning center offering pre-school education in Spanish to children ages 2 to 5. There are two enrollment options: (1) the morning educational session alone, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon; or (2) or the entire day, from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, which additionally includes child care and supervised play in the afternoon. We are located behind the Church at the same address, Ave. Independencia 253, Gazcue.
Our program was designed for parents who desire both quality and economy in the education and care of their young children.  We strive for a healthy atmosphere. Our groups are small for more individualized instruction.  We select teachers with experience in early childhood education. We use integral language methodology and emphasize moral values.

For more information contact the Director, Sra. Nelly Martínez, at 809-686-7451 or 809-689-2070.

Pre-school kids in their
Carnaval costumes

Overjitas Director Nelly
Martinez with teachers
Nurys and Adriana

Ovejitas go to the zoo

We pray and sing before sharing a light breakfast and distributing the food

Nelly Martinez gives victor a bag of staple foods to help him through the week

Preparing Christmas baskets in the parish hall

Distributing Christmas baskets in the garden

Lazarus´s Basket and Christmas Food Baskets

Every week Lazarus’s Basket gives out bags of staple foods—beans, rice, pasta, oil and sugar, etc.—to over thirty persons in need. This ministry is financially supported by the church as a whole and by additional contributions of food and money from individual members. The English congregation of International Baptist Church also makes a monthly donation. Volunteers help to prepare and give out the bags.

Those who receive this food come early on Tuesday mornings for a brief service consisting of a scripture reading, prayers and a song. Afterwards we have breakfast together and distribute the food.

From time to time those who participate in the Lazarus´s Basket program are also invited to lunch in the parish hall. Volunteers prepare food and serve it to them, and entertain them while they eat.

It is also a long-standing tradition that we give out special baskets of food at Christmas time. These are similar to the bags given out weekly, with the addition of holiday treats like fruit, candy and coffee. Last year (Christmas, 2008) we prepared and distributed over 130 baskets.

For more information contact Father Michael at 809-689-2070, 809-682-0676, or